Electric Cars – As Tested on Top Gear

The recent issue of Top Gear featured 3 home-made electric cars being put through a series of tests to see which would be victorious.

The presenters, Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris turned up with 3 very different cars – Paddy had a pimped out 2nd hand Nissan Leaf, Freddie had a hybrid half Subaru, half Tesla and Chris had a Triumph Spitfire.

They were set the first task, driving around an abandoned nuclear power plant to see who could set the fastest speed. Paddy was the surprise winner. The second task was an electric shock challenge around a makeshift racetrack, with the drivers getting shocked every time they hit the sides. Chris lost this one, and his forfeit was to drink a milkshake while being shocked by the other two!

The third and final task was their own take on Le Mans, with a 24 minute Le Mansfield endurance race against some modern electric cars. They all started well, but Chris’s car started making some very bad noises so he had to pull out. Then Paddy ran out of power so he too had to retire early. The winner was Freddie despite colliding with some market stalls, though none of them beat any of the market leading electric cars.

Catch the episode on Iplayer for a great laugh. There is also a serious review of the new Tesla Model Three electric car for those of you who are looking into buying an electric car.

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