New Project – Horticulture LEDs

We were approached in the summer of 2017 to install a garden using Horticulture LEDs on the 27th floor of a new building in London.

There have been other internal gardens, but this was different as it only had light coming in from the side, not from above. One of the issues was how to stop the plants morphing and leaning towards the light.

We have put numerous proposals in for trials and mimics of the area, all have been rebuffed. They committed to building two prototypes, which we have done.

With support from Osram, we have developed a fixture with horticulture LEDs

So far, the development to prototype has been around 12 weeks, and now we are in the process of testing the fixture to compare design data with actual data. We have a UPRTek Spectrometer for Horticulture that tells us the specific micro mol output. Micromol or U-mol/M2/Sec is a measurement for horticulture per second per metre Sq and was developed by Einstein, so we are in good company.

The fitting will be controlled by either Dali or DMX at this juncture, but we are working with a more specific bespoke control system for this project with the consortium.

We believe this development will remove some of the lighting issues involved in Urban Farming using traditional methods.

This project was also different as it is a garden area, the client wanted something nice to look at and to be recessed and that is what we have designed.

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