The Arium, Leeds

We started this project at The Arium Leeds several weeks ago and started with installing the containment for cabling followed by installing the distribution boards. As we go along, we will install cables, connecting them up along the way.

cable containment at the Arium in Leeds

Arium is a nursery run by Leeds City Council which is open to the public. We carried out the main installation in 2017 and were invited back to carry out the additional work.

There is further expansion planned for the site, our works as well as fitting out the workshop, which includes a supply upgrade to the whole site.

See our original work here – The Arium 2017.

This job featured a wiring containment that we had specially designed which is capable of spanning 6m gaps. This means cables are adequately protected and gave us wiring routes to get to the specific parts of the greenhouse where equipment is situated.

This method is cost-effective as it only involves a bracket on each post, no additional supports required.

Keep an eye out to see our continuing work on this exciting project, and get in touch if you have a horticulture project you’d like to discuss.

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The Arium is a plant nursery in Leeds that can help you with any garden project, no matter how big or small. They have a shop and cafe, and a large children’s play area, and do a lot of work in the local community.

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