Philips Interact Office

Imagine a building that helped to energize employees, enhance their concentration and improve their performance. Now imagine that building helped you save energy and money.

It sounds futuristic but is, in fact, achievable using the latest technology from Philips Interact Office. Using data collected from the connected lighting system it transforms any building into a smart and sustainable workplace. It even includes apps to create personalized lighting and to locate free workspaces and meeting rooms.

The benefits of installing Philips Interact Office include

  • Lighting management – best quality light that is controllable anytime from anywhere
  • Lighting asset management – remote diagnostics and auto-updates all from a single dashboard
  • Energy optimization – LEDs which save up to 80%, targeted lighting and space usage insights
  • Space management – Create perfect layouts which lower costs and increase engagement
  • Bio-adaptive lighting – helps to increase concentration and energizes staff
  • Environmental monitoring – Easy to monitor and make adjustments

Interact Office helps you to gain an in-depth understanding of lighting energy usage across your office space, and you can use these insights to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. If you manage more than one property you can monitor them all from one dashboard.

Interact Office software and system architecture allows you to support employee performance and reduce time wasted by helping employees find free meeting rooms or an available workspace and enable them to personalize lighting. You can then use occupancy insights to see where and how people prefer to work, opening your eyes to the potential for energy and space savings, and efficiency gains. Simply install LED connected lighting from Philips with embedded IoT sensors to increase building efficiency and optimize space.

Where exactly is the nearest free workspace or meeting room? What about the coffee machine? Or the IT help desk? Interact Office uses the lighting infrastructure and real-time occupancy data to guide your employees wherever they need to go. Hyper-accurate indoor navigation opens up a host of additional applications and improves employee performance and experience.

Interact Office Bio-adaptive Lighting helps you to get the best out of your biggest investment: your people. Different levels of light intensity and colour temperatures can support well-being, help to energize staff and enhance performance by supporting the body’s circadian rhythm.

Interact Office Environmental monitoring lets you remotely monitor and manage temperature and humidity levels across your offices and optimize conditions for employee well-being and comfort.

Remote diagnostics allow you to manage your lighting maintenance more efficiently, with automatic firmware and software updates and swift maintenance carried out.

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