Smart Technology in the Workplace

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23rd August 2021

Since the mid 90s when laptops, mobile phones and the internet were introduced the workplace has gradually eveloved to become what we know today, instant information at our fingertips.

Smart technology in the workplace is more commonplace, but if you’re confused about what it is and how it can help you our guide will help.

We all want to do our bit to help save the planet and reduce our carbon footprint, and introducing smart technology is one way to contribute.

Why smart technology?

If you run a business you have to keep an eye on your bottom line, making sure that your income is greater than your expenditure, which can be a struggle. One way to cut costs is to look at your energy consumption. Having lights and climate control on full time is costly, especially if rooms are unused. If you have old lighting it is counterproductive as it is expensive to run and produces heat, which makes the air-conditioning work harder. Older systems also cost more to maintain, need replacing more often and produce a harsher light which isn’t condusive to a good working environment. Not to mention the effect on the environment. Swapping to SMART technology will save you money, improve the working environment for employees, and reduce your carbon footprint!

What is smart technology?

The definition of smart technology is the ability of a device or system to respond to the environment and adapt and learn. This not only helps to save money and energy but it frees staff up to focus on their jobs and on more important tasks, enabling them to work faster and smarter.

Smart tech is able to make better use of the natural environment, which is much better for the planet than non-smart buildings. It is helping us to change the working environment by regulating heating and air-conditioning, lighting, power and even windows!

A truly integrated smart building will have a management system to monitor all the electrical systems. This can control temperature and lighting, monitor usage and create reports, and help the business reduce energy consumption and costs. It can even be controlled remotely, which is ideal for businesses with multiple sites.

Smart technology in the office can be connected to calendars to allow rooms to be prepared in advance, for example, if a meeting starts at 10 am the system can automatically adjust the temperature to ensure the room is comfortable for the attendees. It can also turn off heating and lighting that has been inadvertently left on. Building usage can be monitored to help with efficiency and to highlight any underutilised rooms or areas, or to highlight any bottlenecks. Smart tech can be a great asset in preventing double-booking rooms or making sure rooms are the correct size for the number of attendees.

Basically smart technology is the future of building management, increasing efficiency, staff wellbeing, reducing workload, reducing energy consumption and saving money. There are even tax benefits, and grants available to help you improve your workplace, so gte in touch to find out more.

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