The Future of Agriculture

Horticultural Installation

12th Oct 2021

What is the future of agriculture? Are we equipped to deal with the worldwide need for a sustainable food supply?

We live in a time of change, and it is necessary to adapt. Our population is growing, the climate is becoming less reliable, and the need for fresh produce has risen dramatically in the last decade.

Our farmers have had to deal with lost crops due to poor weather conditions and disease, and the rising cost of machinery and equipment, not to mention labour costs and shortages.
In order to meet the growing demand for fresh, healthy produce it has been essential to look at alternatives to traditional farming. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) will play a big part in the future of agriculture worldwide.
CEA uses glasshouses, unused bunkers, empty shops, and even storage containers to grow selected foods in a controlled environment.
Using carefully designed lighting, heating and irrigation it’s possible to grow healthy, plentiful crops without needing direct sunlight or vast quantities of fresh water.

The implications of using CEA are huge, they can be set up anywhere including third-world countries to provide fresh crops to villages that wouldn’t have previously been able to grow them; they can utilise empty factories, storage units and warehouses, in fact anywhere that has access to a power source.

At Qudos, we have developed bespoke LEDs, power and technology to create the perfect growing environment for any indoor space, allow farmers to grow more with less. To find out more about our CEA work check out our info here.

If you’d like more information or are ready to take a positive step towards a more sustainable UK food supply chain then contact us on 01482 880390 or email