LED lighting explained

Lighting Installation

19th Oct 2021

What are the different types of LED bulb?

LED lighting has improved considerably over the last few years and many businesses are looking at switching from their traditional filament (edison) lighting, which is expensive to run and isn’t energy-efficient. LED’s are an economical and environmentally-friendly way of lighting your property. In the past LED bulbs didn’t produce a strong enough light for everyday use, and were more expensive than traditional bulbs. The advances in lighting mean that this is no longer an issue and there are a wide variety of LED bulbs available for commercial use.

When LED lighting was first developed the choice of designs was fairly limited. The range of styles available includes candles, golf balls, spotlights and tubes. They come in a variety of power options, which are equivalent to everyday bulbs and come with a variety of fittings including screw and bayonet. The cost has come down significantly too, making them a much more cost-effective lighting solution.

Normal LED bulbs come in three different light varieties, warm white which is suitable for most homes, cool white which is similar to flourescent tubes, and daylight, which is quite stark and is ideal for use where real colour needs to be highlighted or for close-up work.

Dimmer switches

It is often thought that you can’t use dimmer switches with LED lights, but this isn’t the case. You simply need special switches that are specifically designed for use with the lower wattage LED lighting.

The benefits of LED lighting

As well as being more cost-effective, they are safer to use as they don’t give off a lot of heat. They work in existing fittings, so can simply be swapped over, and they last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs, making them better for the environment. They don’t contain any harmful metals such as lead or mercury and manufacturing them is a lot cleaner than with other bulbs.

At Qudos, we develop bespoke LED solutions for commercial use in offices, warehouses, educational establishments, hospitality and the healthcare sector. To find out more about our lighting work take a look at our lighting section on the website here

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