How to become a Green Business!

Renewable Energy

11th Jan 2022

As a business owner you may be concerned about your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment. Are you doing all you can, and if not, what else can you do?

You may also think that it is expensive to become more eco-friendly, or that you can’t possibly make a difference.

Wherever you are on your carbon-neutral journey, we’re here to help guide you through the changes you can make, some small and some not so small, that can positively impact the environment. Some are obvious, like reducing your paper use, and some require a financial outlay but will save you money in the long run.

Small Changes, Big Impact

So let’s start small, and look at the little changes you can make in your business that will start you on the path to being carbon-neutral.

  • Cut down on your printing – think twice before printing out anything
  • Allow staff to work from home for part of the week, not only will this reduce their travel time and expenses, it will cut energy bills in the workplace
  • Switch to a green energy supplier
  • If you need new furniture consider buying pre-owned, there are some great bargains to be had and you can often afford better quality pieces
  • Recycle old tech, there are companies who will give you money off new equipment if you trade in your outdated items
  • Use suppliers who share your green values, more businesses are promoting their eco-friendly credentials
  • Support a green cause, there are plenty who will offset your carbon emissions and plant trees on your behalf
  • Keep your electrical equipment well maintained, it will work better and be more efficient

Big Changes, Big Impact

When it comes to the bigger changes you can make within your business it’s important to focus on reducing your energy consumption and looking for alternatives to fossil fuels.

Solar panels are a highly efficient way to generate electricity from the sun’s rays. They not only reduce your energy consumption, but can also create a source of income for you depending on size and energy use. Combined with battery storage, you should have enough energy stored for days when the sun isn’t shining.

Changing your lighting system to LEDs will massively reduce your energy use, they are very energy efficient, you will see around a 60-75% improvement in the overall energy efficiency of your business’s lighting. They last longer, give off a more gentle light that is better for your employees, and give off much less heat so are safer to use.

They cost less to produce and are smaller than traditional bulbs, so are overall much better for the environment.

The only downside is the initial outlay, but there are tax benefits so it will save you money in the long run.

For more information on the tax benefits check out green taxes and reliefs

Smart buildings have a management system that monitors all the electrical systems. This can control temperature and lighting, monitor usage and create reports, and help the business reduce energy consumption and costs. It can even be controlled remotely, which is ideal for businesses with multiple sites.

With a smart system it is possible to heat and light only those rooms that are in use, plan ahead so you can set the heating to come on before a room is due to be occupied, or swith off lights and heating after a set time. You can get reports showing the energy use, and see where cuts can be made.

Electric vehicles are on the increase so it’s worth looking into making the switch, whether for company cars or work vans. Installing EV charging points will help those employees who are keen to move over to an electric car, or have already done so. It can help with staff retention, and is a plus when employing new staff.

Whatever changes you are looking to make, don’t put them off. If we all made changes to the way we operate, whether by cutting energy use, switching to more efficient practices or biting the bullet and installing solar panels we are doing our bit for the planet.

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