Why your office needs LED lighting


19th Jan 2022

LED lighting

Not only will LED lighting improve the ambience in your office but it has also been shown to have an impact on the way people work. Poor lighting in any work environment results in employees being less productive and more likely to be affected by health issues. This leads to an increase in staff absences, something businesses want to avoid.

4 main benefits of LED lighting:

Enhanced employee well-being
Increased productivity
Reduced operating costs
Improved visual appearance

Employee wellbeing

Getting the lighting right in your workplace is essential for employee wellbeing. Poor lighting has a negative impact on your employee’s. One of the leading causes of workplace stress is poor working conditions, and lighting that isn’t of a good enough standard contributes to this. A recent study showed that over half of office workers were concerned that the lighting was having a detrimental effect on their physical health.

Traditional fluorescent lighting has been known to cause eye strain, and can be a trigger for migraines. This type of lighting is harsh which makes it more difficult for eyes to focus.

Productivity and performance

To ensure your employees are working as productively as possible requires a suitably well lit workspace, not too harsh or dim that people struggle to see or are overwhelmed with overly powerful lighting.
For a motivated and efficient workforce, lighting can be a major influence.
The right lighting helps boost mental performance and helps employees feel more alert and energetic. The better the light quality, the more pronounced this effect is.

We have replaced unsuitable lighting in many workplaces with new LED lighting units, and all have reported an improvement in staff wellbeing and productivity.

Reduced operating costs

Installing LED lighting will have a big impact on your profit margins as it is much more energy efficient. The average saving in energy bills is around 70%. LED bulbs last significantly longer that traditional flourescent lighting, roughly 5 times longer, so although the initial outlay is higher the overall savings are worth it as they need replacing much less frequently.

Due to their design, LEDs are more robust so are less likely to be damaged by impact or vibrations, or by switching on and off regularly.

They also produce much less heat so reduce the need for air conditioning, and cause no damage to the surroundings.

Improved visual appearance

Changing to LED lighting in businesses can completely transform the workspace. The range of LED light fittings now available is vast so it’s easy to create a stylish finish to any office environment.

If you are looking for a brighter, more natural, high-quality lighting system that will last longer and reduces office overheads LED lighting is, without a doubt, the best solution for businesses everywhere.

At Qudos, we develop bespoke LED solutions for commercial use in offices, warehouses, educational establishments, hospitality and the healthcare sector. To find out more about our lighting work take a look at our lighting section on the website here

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