How to save energy in the workplace.

Electrical Installations

Whether you run a big or small business there are ways to cut your energy costs and carbon emissions. We have compiled our list of the top ways to be more energy-efficient in 2022, we hope it helps!


  • Switching to energy-efficient LED lighting saves you around 80% on your energy consumption, so is definitely worth doing
  • Making the most of natural lighting, especially on sunny day, makes a big difference to your energy use. Don’t automatically reach for the light switch, especially if you’re working on a computer.
  • Turn lights off in used areas, and consider fitting timing switches that turn the lights off when there has been no activity for a certain amount of time
  • Installing dimmer switches mean you can dial down the brightness, and can even be linked to sensors that increase the light as the day gets darker.
  • Using focussed lighting rather than illuminating a whole room contributes to reduced energy use too, so invest in lamps, or spotlight workspaces individually.
  • Simple things like signs can help to remind employees to turn lights off, or not use lighting unnecessarily.


  • Fitting double glazing will help reduce heat loss, as well as fitting curtains or blinds to keep the heat in.
  • Ensure your building has loft and cavity-wall insulation, this acn dramatically reduce heat loss.
  • Look for obvious sources of heat loss such as ill-fitting doors and windows, or any gaps in the walls, and get them repaired.
  • Consider upgrading your heating system to ground-source or a biomass boiler. This will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and there are government subsidies for businesses installing green energy.
  • Encourage employees to use common sense when it comes to heating and ventilation. If a room is too warm turn down the radiators rather than opening windows, and if the room is cold make sure that windows and doors are closed before reaching for the thermostat.
  • Appliances and equipment

  • Encourage employees to turn off any appliances when not in use, and to turn of sockets at night. Putting stickers on plugs will prevent essential items from being turned off inadvertantly.
  • Appliances left on standby can still use a surprising amount of energy, so make sure everyone is aware of that and turns equipment off completely.
  • Upgrade any outdated equipment as it will probably use more power than newer energy-efficient alternatives. The upfront cost will be offset by the energy savings.
  • A regular maintenance schedule will ensure equipment and appliances are running more efficiently and it will prolong their lifespan. Making sure appliances are kept free of dirt, dust and obstructions will keep them running more effectively too.
  • Extra tips

  • Installing solar panels will dramatically reduce your energy bills. The initial expense will be offset by the energy the produce, and there are tax breaks for businesses installing green energy initiatives.
  • Get someone in to run an energy audit. They can look at your usage and suggest ways to make savings. You might be surprised at just how much energy your business is wasting!
  • Get everyone on board and encourage them to make suggestions on saving energy, you could even offer incentives for the best ideas.
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