Aquaculture in Shipping Containers.

Here at Qudos, we like to stay at the forefront of technology and utilise our knowledge to produce systems that can improve the world we live in. Aquaculture is one of those systems we are looking into producing. It is a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) fish farm in interconnected shipping containers that is designed to bring marine farming inland and provide sustainable fresh fish and plants.

In a world with a growing population, and the ever-increasing impact of global warming, it is becoming more difficult to produce the quantities of food required to sustain everyone. It is becoming more and more apparent that we need to look at alternatives to traditional farming.

The idea is fairly straightforward, fish are housed in one container and plants are grown in another. The fish are given regular fish-food, then the nutrient-rich wastewater from the fish is fed through to the plant container where the plants purify the water and remove nitrates to be used as fertiliser. The clean water is then fed back to the fish where the process is repeated.

This system uses minimal electricity provided by a generator, or renewable energy where available. It is a simple design that has many uses.

  • Overpopulated countries where there is a shortage of nutrient-rich food
  • In third-world countries to grow medicinal crops and medicines derived from plants
  • Urban areas where there is a lack of room for growing crops
  • Areas that have been hit by natural disasters, as they can be installed quickly
  • Areas where growing conditions are unsuitable for regular farming
  • Land-based farmers who wish to diversify
  • Restaurants who want to serve ultra-fresh food grown on the doorstep, such as prawns

The basic set up requires minimal floor space and can produce large quantities of fish and plants in a relatively quick time. It removes the need for soil, fertiliser and pesticides, with almost no waste.

The system is easily scalable, you merely add more containers on top of each other to increase production.

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