Philips Interact Office

Using the latest technology from Philips Interact Office it’s possible to have a workplace that helps to energise employees, enhance their concentration and improve their performance while saving you energy and money.

Light as a Service

Cost-effective and energy-efficient lighting systems are essential for businesses, educational establishments and sports facilities of all sizes.

Our Light as a Service scheme enables businesses to install the latest LED lighting systems without an upfront payment.

Container Farming explained

Container farming, vertical farming and indoor farming all come under the umbrella term of Controlled Environment Agriculture or CEA. Container farming is the specific way of growing crops using shipping containers.

Urban Farming

WHAT IS IT? Urban Farming is a relatively new concept to the UK but is something that is fast growing and in the next few years will contribute to a large percentage of produce sold in supermarkets. Vertical Farming is a popular method of growing as it is the best way of utilising facility and […]