Finance Options

Interested in paying monthly?

Our finance partner, Synergi Partner Finance, offer flexible payment options, so you can spread the costs of your new purchases, allowing you to invest quickly and easily in the lighting your business needs to thrive.

Features & Benefits

  • Preserves working capital – Allowing you to invest in other, more important areas of the business operation
  • Flexible funding profiles – So that you can match repayments to your cash flow cycles
  • Fixed payments – Making it easy for you to manage your budget
  • Comprehensive – Giving you the option to include servicing, upgrades, maintenance support into your flexible payment plan
  • Tax-efficient – Every product Synergi Partner Finance provides benefits from tax relief in one form or another

How does it all work?

  • Quote – You’ll receive a finance quotation alongside our proposal at the point of sale
  • Contact – Happy to proceed? Great, we’ll have Synergi Partner Finance call you to go through the product and underwriting procedures
  • Underwriting – Synergi Partner Finance will then consider the finance for you which takes roughly 4 hours
  • Decision – If approved, finance documentation will be emailed to you for signature
  • Invoicing – In the meantime, Synergi Partner Finance will request an invoice from us to settle on your behalf
  • Payment – As soon as the documents are signed, the invoice is received, and installation has taken place, Synergi Partner Finance will pay us and your finance agreement will go live!

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This service is only available to our commercial customers, and only on certain services and products. Please get in touch with us to see whether you are eligible to apply.

01482 880390 or email