Free Energy Surveys

Many buildings suffer from poor energy efficiency, affecting not only the costs of running the building, but also the building’s carbon footprint, and the comfort of the building’s occupants. We’re here to help building owners and managers tackle energy efficiency issues, by conducting a detailed free energy survey to identify problems and then recommending best-practice solutions that are appropriate to the building’s individual circumstances.

Our surveys are free, and focus on a wide variety of aspects of a building’s operation and performance; aspects of the building that are covered include:

  • correct functioning of heating and air conditioning systems
  • the fuel used for heating and hot water
  • lightbulbs, major appliances, and glazing type(s)  
  • draft exclusion and insulation
  • provision of window blinds and opening windows
  • the behaviour of the building’s occupants (such as having windows open but heating on)
  • correct use of thermostats and air conditioning units
  • use of timers for heating and air conditioning
  • maintenance schedules

Our surveyors are highly experienced and knowledgeable and will conduct a survey for you with minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of the building and its occupants. You are under no obligation to follow the recommendations made in our report, although the vast majority of our clients stand to save significant amounts of money by following our advice and we find that they are more than happy to accept our recommendations! We work closely with these clients to successfully implement changes in their buildings, and in many cases develop long-lasting relationships with them because they are so happy with the outcome.

Contact us today on 01482 880390 or by email to, or use the form on the contact page.