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Working with clients to design and build control systems to manage horticultural buildings and systems, we have vast experience working with growers and glasshouses all over the UK to find the best solution for the best price.

Horticultural Installations

We became experts in glasshouse electrical systems when we first started working in Horticultural Installations in 2014. Since then we have provided innovative solutions in Glasshouses across the country. We pride ourselves on finding the best-tailored solution using the newest and top of the range technology.

We have carried out full electrical installations in both existing and brand new glasshouses.

Whether you require vent limits to be set up, an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) carrying out or a control panel design and build, we have the skills to deliver a first-class project on time and at a price that is competitive.


We install fogging systems to supply fog into the air through high-pressure nozzles. This helps regulate the humidity which helps increase crop production and quality.


We are experienced in installing all types of irrigation systems in glasshouses including boom, overhead, suspended and drip systems.


Our engineers are experts in glasshouse heating and will work with you to ensure you get the correct system for your setting. We install biomass boilers, air heating and in-crop systems.

Screens and Vents

There are a range of different screen materials available to the grower. By choosing the correct screens it is possible to provide an energy saving of over 60% and to create near perfect growing conditions within the commercial greenhouse.

Horticultural Installations
This is an installation we carried out as a subcontractor at Kernock Plants. They use Philips top lights at different mol levels 30-50-75 for different species of young bedding plants.

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vertical farm horticultural installation
Philips lighting production modules were used in this facility as well as Priva Blue ID to control the environment.

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Vertical Farming

Vertical farming, also known as Urban Farming, is the process of having vertically stacked trays on a racking system, with the aim to grow fresh produce. This can be in any building, as long as the area itself is sealed from outside influences. The right balance of light, humidity and ventilation must also be achieved for the crop to be successful. Once this has been done correctly, all kinds of fresh produce can be farmed throughout the year. Supplying companies without the need for import in colder months.

Why is it necessary to get the system just right?

It is necessary to enable the environment to be controlled. For example, Temperature-Humidity and on top of this lighting and irrigation systems.

The beauty of this method is once in a sterile area the chances of disease and contamination are minimal, and a recipe is developed so the plants can be produced to the same high standard again and again. Without the right system, to begin with, this is not possible.

At Qudos we are always working within this area, looking at different technologies and control systems to further enhance the prospects of Vertical Farming in the UK.

Like Martin Luther we have a dream, a dream that the days of produce travelling 1000’s of miles to our supermarkets with reduced shelf life will end and the journey from harvest to store is achieved in 4 hours.

Hoogendoorn Partnership

We are delighted to be official partners of Hoogendoorn, a worldwide innovator in horticultural automation.

Using climate, water and energy management systems they help you achieve optimal, high-quality crop production, ensuring efficient use of water, nutrients and energy.

Hoogendoorn creates sustainable and user-friendly automation solutions for every kind of horticultural business.

Our partnership means we can offer sustainable horticultural solutions that deliver added value to your crop production and profit.

hoogendoorn logo

What our partnership means

  • We are a qualified distribution partner of the most innovative and sustainable automation solutions in the horticultural market.
  • As an ambassador we will participate in their educational partner program, enabling us to provide the best sales and support to our customers.
  • We receive support from Hoogendoorn during commissioning, either on-site or off-site.
  • We have access to the experienced helpdesk 24/7 to answer your technical questions about their products, e.g. on how to use and maintain them.

Qudos Energy partnership with hoogendoorn

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