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Container Farming explained

Container farming, vertical farming and indoor farming all come under the umbrella term of Controlled Environment Agriculture or CEA. Container farming is the specific way of growing crops using shipping containers.

Food Production Factory lighting upgrade

Our current project is in collaboration with Powercor in Weybridge. We are working at a food production warehouse in Derbyshire changing the traditional lighting in the distribution warehouse for LEDs with DALI controls. The system will be fitted with sensors for each aisle but will also have a dimming option for the forklift operators. This […]

Philips Interact Office

Imagine a building that helped to energize employees, enhance their concentration and improve their performance. Now imagine that building helped you save energy and money. It sounds futuristic but is, in fact, achievable using the latest technology from Philips Interact Office. Using data collected from the connected lighting system it transforms any building into a […]

Indoor gardens for workplace wellness

It is well known that plants have huge benefits in the workplace, from the humble spider plant on the desk to the larger ferns and palms that make us feel connected to nature. They help with stress and can improve staff morale, as well as helping to clean the air and provide a pleasing aesthetic […]

Philips Interact Industry

Do you manage or own a distribution centre, warehouse, factory or production facility? Are you concerned about running costs and productivity? Would you like to have more control over the running and management? We can help! We work with Philips Interact Industry to provide a system that will not only improve productivity and enhance employee […]

Interact Sports

Philips Signify Interact Sports incorporates the newest interactive technology into sports stadiums and grounds. Turn your sports venue into a smart stadium with Qudos and Philips and prepare to be amazed. The system allows you to remotely control the pitch, entertainment and hospitality lighting to reduce costs and increase energy-efficiency. You can create customised light […]