Our Technology Partners

Philips Interact

We are very proud to be Technology partners with Philips Interact, a revolution in smart offices. Turn any office into a SMART office with an innovative connected lighting system. Improve productivity, performance and save energy and money with an easy to manage dashboard.

Using state-of-the-art technology and LED lighting you can create a more efficient environment, with lighting and space management, that is easy to monitor and control.

Where there is light there is usually activity, the interact PoE platform enables the connected LED systems with embedded sensors to collate information and give the building operators the vital information on how their building is operating.

It makes lighting intelligent, where data informs your decisions and drives innovation to improve operations and reduce costs.

Open API enables the lighting software to share data on other platforms making your building truly smart.

If you would like more information or are interested in working with us get in touch today – 01482 880390 / hello@qudosteam.co.uk

We also offer free energy surveys to see how we can improve employee efficiency and well-being, and save you money.

hoogendoorn logo
tomatoes - partnership with hoogendoorn

We are delighted to be official partners of Hoogendoorn, a worldwide innovator in horticultural automation.

Using climate, water and energy management systems they help you achieve optimal, high-quality crop production, ensuring efficient use of water, nutrients and energy.

Hoogendoorn creates sustainable and user-friendly automation solutions for every kind of horticultural business.

Our partnership means we can offer sustainable horticultural solutions that deliver added value to your crop production and profit.

What our partnership means

  • We are a qualified distribution partner of the most innovative and sustainable automation solutions in the horticultural market.
  • As an ambassador we will participate in their educational partner program, enabling us to provide the best sales and support to our customers.
  • We receive support from Hoogendoorn during commissioning, either on-site or off-site.
  • We have access to the experienced helpdesk 24/7 to answer your technical questions about their products, e.g. on how to use and maintain them.

If you would like more information or are interested in working with us get in touch today – 01482 880390 / hello@qudosteam.co.uk.