Modern Paper Dartford

Electrical Installation

We have just completed our latest project at Modern Paper in Dartford which has involved the installation of new cable tails (main supply cables) from a new transformer to a new switchboard. We designed, built and supplied the complete system specifically for this project to ensure it fits exactly with the clients’ requirements. The electricity supply will pass through a voltage stabilisation unit to maintain 400v ac to prevent fluctuations to the sensitive line equipment.

The cable tails were installed and terminated at the switchboard. Due to time constraints, we couldn’t use busbar trunking as per the original design so we have had to install cables to sub panel boards in the factory to supply three lines. Plant is now being placed and will look to be powered next week from the sub panel boards.

As well as this we are replacing the existing lighting point for point with Signify CoreLine highbay fittings.

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