Sky Garden Project

Horticultural Installation

Sky Garden, Walkie Talkie Building, London

In this project, we used our expertise and the latest technology in Horticultural LED to create the perfect environment for London’s highest public indoor garden. We had the pleasure of working in one of London’s most recognisable and iconic buildings, the Walkie Talkie building at 20 Fenchurch Street, to install part of what is now London’s highest public garden.

The building is host to several new innovative bars and restaurant concepts that we are proud to have
been a part of and hope this sets the bar for the future of what can be achieved in an indoor space.

The Client was looking for a solution that would not only look great but also help the photosynthesis
process that is vital in ensuring the growing plants would stay alive and healthy. From start to finish
the project was carefully looked after by Mark and the team of engineers. Using the latest technology
in Horticulture LED we were able to use a mix of settings to create conditions that would sustain the plants, help them grow and continue to reproduce.

sky garden

The fittings were designed in house at Qudos and manufactured in the UK through one of our
partners. With our vast knowledge in horticulture installations we were able to fit the client’s specifications and remain in a set budget.

The challenge also required the Qudos team to work after hours. With the building and space being used during the day it was part of the requirements to complete the work during the night which we were able to do with no problems.

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sky garden