Vertical Farming

Urban Farming

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming, also known as Urban Farming, is the process of having vertically stacked trays on a racking system, with the aim to grow fresh produce. This can be in any building, as long as the area itself is sealed from outside influences. The right balance of light, humidity and ventilation must also be achieved for the crop to be successful. Once this has been done correctly, all kinds of fresh produce can be farmed throughout the year. Supplying companies without the need for import in colder months.

Why is it necessary to get the system just right?

It is necessary to enable the environment to be controlled. For example, Temperature-Humidity and on top of this lighting and irrigation systems.

The beauty of this method is once in a sterile area the chances of disease and contamination are minimal, and a recipe is developed so the plants can be produced to the same high standard again and again. Without the right system, to begin with, this is not possible.

At Qudos we are always working within this area, looking at different technologies and control systems to further enhance the prospects of Vertical Farming in the UK.

Like Martin Luther we have a dream, a dream that the days of produce travelling 1000’s of miles to our supermarkets with reduced shelf life will end and the journey from harvest to store is achieved in 4 hours.

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